Solutions 2012

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Alex Cunningham
Sharon City, PA

Jordan Holmer
New Orleans, LA

Ridwan Syed
Jefferson Parish, LA


2012 Outstanding Seniors

Each year at the Academic Games National Tour­nament, AGLOA honors outstanding Seniors who have been excellent players and who have con­tributed in special ways beyond themselves to their own local Academic Games teams and pro­grams. Potential Outstanding Seniors are nomi­nated by their local coaches and programs.

In 2012, AGLOA named six incredible Seniors to receive the award. Each of them won champ­ionships as a player. More importantly, each of them spent significant extra time with their own teammates and with younger players in their school, district, or league. In some cases, their teams continued to exist as a result of their efforts. All of them live their belief that individual success results from group accomplishment. They are honored for their contributions and their character.

Holly LaCoste
New Orleans, LA

Ryan Gregoire
St. Bernard Parish, LA

Connor Hayes
Pittsburgh, PA

Kathleen Huntzicker
Ann Arbor, MI
Dustin Wright
Jefferson Parish, LA


2012 Outstanding Educators

Each year at the Academic Games National Tournament, AGLOA honors outstanding educators who have been the heart and soul of their local Academic Games programs. They recruit and train players, educate them in subject matter, inspire them to exceed their own expectations, encourage them to handle challenges, and manage the administration of their programs. The best of them do these things in an exceptional manner. Potential Outstanding Educators are nominated by their own players or fellow coaches.

In 2012, AGLOA named two incredible Educators to receive the award. Each has coached championship teams or players. More importantly, each has spent significant extra time developing coaching techniques and materials that contributed to their programs. Each has set a standard of excellence that can be emulated by other Academic Games teacher-coaches. Each has shown that heart and courage are essential ingredients in success.

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